RMC Windows

RCM Windows Offer A Great Range Of Benefits

RCM Windows that are built to last, when it comes to getting the best right style of window for your home, the appearance of the window is important but there is more to take on board than just the look of the building.

We have been fabricating windows for many years and there have been a number of innovations in the window industry.

We are pleased to say that we offer RCM (recycled composite material) Windows and Doors, and we believe that this style of material offers a great range of benefits for homeowners.

rmc windows

RCM Windows are Extremely Energy Efficient

Being environmentally friendly is a major thing for all window suppliers these days as this is what consumers are looking for.

This style of window is an effective replacement for steel or aluminium and RCM is recognised as having a lifespan of over 30 years.

This style of material doesn’t corrode, it is easy to install and there is very little maintenance required to ensure the windows remain in excellent condition.

RCM is also much easier to weld than other reinforcement materials, which is another reason why it has become one of the most effective and efficient materials for windows in the modern era.

RMC Window suppliers are always keen to offer products that provide the best benefits to their customers and RCM is extremely energy efficient. With steel or aluminium reinforced windows being conductive, more heat is lost.



RMC Window Features:

  • RCM is easy to weld – it’s 20% to 30% stronger when welding compared to metal reinforcements
  • No Corrosion – it’s a non-metallic alternative, so there is no risk of oxidisation.
  • Retains screws – RCM’s screw pull out value surpasses steel
  • Easy to cut and clean – windows using RCM are lighter and easier to carry.
  • More energy efficient – aluminium and steel reinforced windows are more conductive and so lose more heat.

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