Fire Escape Windows

Fire Escape Windows

Fire Escape Windows offer completer safety, when it comes to creating a great looking and attractive home, there are a number of things that you have to bear in mind. There are always limitations placed on what can be achieved in a property and this is where building regulations must be adhered to.

There are a range of building regulations regarding windows and there is a need to ensure that a window which would be classed as a fire escape complies with Document B in the main regulations.
This means that all Fire Escape Windows must have an opening area which is unobstructed and this opening must have a clear gap of at least 450mm in width or height.

Many customers and end-users require fire-escape-windows by law, or it can be of benefit to them, and this is why it is important to offer so many windows that comply with the regulations.

At Low Cost Window, we believe it is possible to offer low cost windows that also offer tremendous value for money for clients, meaning that they meet the needs for all end users.
fire escape windows

Fire Escape Windows can be Fashionable and Fire Regulation Compliant

It is possible to obtain fire-escape-windows in a broad range of style, including casement windows or even tilt-and-turn windows.

This should ensure that a customer looking to combine functionality with fashion will be able to find a window solution that is perfect for their needs.

There are many things that customers look for from Fire Escape Window Suppliers, and this is why it is important to offer up as many viable solutions as possible.

While the size and appearance of these windows are hugely important when it comes to meeting fire regulations, there is still a need for these fire escape windows to be fashionable and reliable.

These windows come with the same guarantee and style as you would hope to find from all other Low Cost Windows.

We are a Fire Escape Window Supplier that offers nationwide delivery.

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