Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Composite Doors are the perfect choice because there is no need to compromise when it comes to style and quality… These doors are able to offer the aesthetic style and grandeur of timber doors but as they are constructed from GRP, they provide a high level of security and safety.

Another very strong reason for choosing a composite door is the fact that it requires very little maintenance to remain in excellent shape. If you don’t want to spend a lot of your spare time treating or retouching your door, make sure you choose a door that is going to stay in fine shape.

When you take on board the high level of value that comes with composite doors, you may be shocked at the low cost prices of these doors… especially when you are buying from the nations favourite Composite Door supplier… If you are set on obtaining value for money? Low Cost Windows is the company for you and this is the style of door that is right for your needs.


Double Glazed Composite Doors

Our Composite Doors come in a wide range of colours and have a Double Glazed or Tripple Glazed option. We have also applied a thermoplastic skin to the doors to help minimise the likelihood of dents, cracks and warping. This means you get a reliable door that is likely to offer many years of tremendous service.

No matter what element or feature is most important to you when looking for a door, a composite door manages to deliver everything you need.

  • Extensive choice of styles
  • 8 Colours
  • Double Glazed
  • Triple Glazed


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